Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Party

As a disclaimer most of "weird faces" Spencer is making, are him being sick of all the picture taking. He doesn't look as bad as he does in the pics, he just thought he was being funny. The party was so much fun. As soon as he walked in the door he was bombarded by friends. They were all so happy to see him. Mr. Davis walked him down to the office so that the cute office girls could say hi to him. They were darling. He also had two letters from the principal in the mail that day. He's so popular! After the festivities we got home and he crashed for most of the day. He had a headache for the rest of the evening, I think from dehydration. Thank you moms of Mr. Davis' class for taking over the party for me (I am (was) the room mom and originally in charge) and for being so supportive and so kind to our family. Thank you Mr. Davis for being awesome!


  1. That is so great he got to go to his V-Day Party! I bet he felt so cool getting a letter from the PRINCIPAL of all people!

  2. SO happy he was able to go. Mr. Davis is awesome...and LOL about Spencer's faces in the pics! ;-) LOVE YOU!