Saturday, February 13, 2010

Home Health Visit ( of tubes)

On Friday we were visited by Intermountain Home Health. They taught me how to flush Spencer's lumen (yikes) and how to dress his port. I am supposed to flush both lumen (the two cords hanging down) with first saline and then Heparin, to clean and prevent clotting within the tubes. It seems a little overwhelming to me now just because I am injecting this stuff into my son. Directly into his vein. Almost makes me sick (you would never know that I am going to school to be a nurse). It is just all so different when it is your own child. No mistakes. He did a great job letting them clean him and change his dressings, but don't get me wrong he was terrified. He was anticipating pain (since that is all he has been dished out the last few weeks!) but I think pleasantly surprised to know that it was no big deal. Dylan and Amy, the RN's, were super nice and did a fabulous job. It turns out that Dylan helped are friend Haley when she was going through Chemo, as well.


  1. Holls...I just have to tell you how amazing I think it is you are documenting this whole journey. This will be a priceless record not only for you...but will be a comfort for the families of many little ones that will go through this same journey. I so love you!

  2. P.S. If Spencer gets sick of all the pics again, tell him that Kaden wouldn't have ANY sympathy for him on that one. LOL! His Mama is kind of a photo fanatic! LOL! ;-)

  3. Oh my goodness Spence you look just like BEN 10 with all his super-power stuff!

    I want to tell you a cute story about your mom. When aunt buh was still in my tummy I didn't know if I was going to have a boy or a girl. I was pretty sure Jesus had told me it was a girl but didn't have enough faith to be really sure. One morning your mom, who was almost 7, asked me,"are we going to have a sister or a brother?" I said "I'm not really sure." She went into her bedroom for a little while and when she came out she said, "Mom,I KNOW it's going to be a girl!" I asked her how she KNEW that and your mom said "because I went in my room to ask Jesus and He told me it was a sister." Then I asked her "How did He talk to you, Holly?" and your mom said "Well it was weird, He didn't tell me in my ears He told me in my heart."
    Spencer, I knew by how she described the way Jesus spoke to her that He really had. When you told your mom and dad that you KNEW Jesus had felt more pain than even what you are going through right now I believe that however He told you,it was because He wants you to know that He understands, better than all of the rest of us who love you, that He loves you best!
    I know Spencer because He told me in my heart just the other day, that He is going to stay with you the whole time and even though it hurts He is going to help you get better.
    I have had to go through things that have hurt me too,(not as much as you hurt because I'm not as brave as you,) but still Jesus never left me alone, EVER, and because He did that He has become my very BEST FRIEND in the whole world, and He always will be.
    I love you sooooooooooooooo much Spence

    Hugs and Kisses Galore, Grandma Neina

  4. What a small world, we know Dylan Law. We grew up with his wife and lived in his ward when he and his wife were first married. We've "doubled" with them a few times. You are in good hands.
    Poor Spence. He is such a brave boy and a good sport. His Valentine party looks like it was fun. I am glad he was able to make it to that!

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  6. Yes "flushing" the port sounds and looks terrifying when they show you but really isn't that bad.
    I had a dream last night that I was there with you guys, wish I was!!!

  7. Spence, I had to learn to care for Uncle Kevin's tubes at home just like your mom. I had to flush them twice a day too! I've never wanted to be a nurse, but I've had to do a lot of 'nursey' things since Uncle Kevin got sick. Heavenly Father obviously thinks very highly of you to allow you to go through this journey. We must have an 'I beat cancer' party for you and Uncle Kevin when this is over! We love you and you are in all our prayers. We have been so greatly blessed and have seen many miracles, I know you will too! Love, Aunt Dale

  8. Oh my heck Holly, I know Dylan! He was a friend of mine when I worked in Cardiology. He is such a nice guy and he will take great care of your little Spence.

  9. Dylan is one of our good friends from our old ward when we lived with Lorin's sister. Such a great guy! It's a small world...Dylan seems to have a lot of friends & has helped a lot of people!