Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Holy Freaking Smokes!

Thank goodness for insurance. Even though we will still be paying a decent amount this year in medical bills to meet our out of pocket max, I am still so thankful that the maximum is just that. I got Spence registered for his surgery tomorrow and they gave my a "without insurance" estimate of the surgery! OH MY HOLY GOODNESS! Let me just say that our portion alone of the 20% we will pay will meet our OUT OF POCKET MAX! The surgery is estimated to be $30,840! Like I said! Thank goodness for insurance!


  1. I know! You never really think about insurance being great when you're shelling out your deductible to go get a lousy check up, but when it's a big move like that, YES! PRAISE THE SKIES FOR INSURANCE COMPANIES!

    We love you guys. Thinkin of and praying for the Gooch fam.

    Meredith Eaton Hayes + the Eaton peeps

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. Jared my husband had heart surgery back in 2007 and when you see bills showing total cost of care at $250,000 your heart practically jumps out of your chest. One word of advice, don't assume you are being billed correctly for everything. I will never forget the day that I called about a $500 bill that I didn't understand and when they checked into it I was being double billed for a CT reading! They wiped out the whole thing! Holly we think about you often and Dallin is always saying poor Spencer, I don't know how much he understands, sometimes his ADHD gets in the way of fully understanding. I am constantly amazed at your strength. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.