Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cancer Day

This is Mike. He is the CLS (Child Life Specialist) who helped Spence learn all about cancer. He took the time to draw normal cells and mutated cancer cells, talk about chemo and what it does and he helped him insert a "double lumen" Broviac into the back of his buddy. The Broviac really is inserted in the chest but he wanted to see it well on the back. When Mike was helping him with the faux Broviac he just brought one tube to insert and Spence says "can I get a double lumen?" Everyone was so impressed by his knowledge. His nurse asked him why he was so smart and he said "because of my mom" {smile by me}. This was a big emotional day for all of us but he is so strong. After Mike left, he said "mom, I really like that guy." He said that to me about 3 or 4 times throughout the evening. He said that he made it so much easier for him to understand everything. Thank goodness for CLS! Thank goodness for Mike! Spence made his hospital buddy look like Ben 10 and even drew his biopsy scar on the neck.

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