Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fun Times

Dude! This hospital rocks! How lucky are we that we have Primary Children's Hospital so close to us? In the beginning of the day a super cute girl from the Child Life Specialists came and gave Spence a "hospital buddy" that he got to draw a face on to look like himself. He got to insert a real I.V. into and place a drain in it's neck just like he has. The Child Life Specialists are an awesome group that help the kids and their siblings cope and understand their hospital visits. Soon after that a woman came around with her cat Bullet the Wondercat. Spence got to hold him and pet him for a little while. It was very calming for him and good timing too because at the same moments the oncologist came to visit with us. Later that day an activity cart came around with different kinds of fun crafts for him to make. He chose a dream catcher and a door hanger. He ordered a cheeseburger, club crackers, an ice cream sandwich AND a rice crispy treat. I love that kid. Of course it pretty much hurt to eat any of it but it made him happy just to order it!

Visitors Galore! We forgot to get pictures with Saunie and Riley, and Neina and Brooke. Spence has so much family and friends who love him! and Riley brought him a delicious strawberry shake and Neina and Brooke brought him a checkers game. Grandpa OK, Grandma Suzi, Raynee and Arza came with Belle and Gavs (yay! it had been 2 days since I had seen the kids). They brought him an awesome Ripley's Believe it or Not book and Raynee and Arza made him an awesome bracelet. I will take pics of it later! Aunt Chelsey works here at Primary Children's Hospital and visited us on her break and lunch break and after work! Today was a fun day.
Isabelle was really nervous to see him with needles and tubes. She kept biting her blanket and she wouldn't come too close to him and Spencer's funny sense of humor kept teasing her about it. He got up to go to the bathroom and noticed in the mirror that he looked like a zombie so he walked towards her and said "i am going to eat your flesh". Silly boy. Later when she had the courage to touch his leg, he made a biting motion at her. It was pretty funny.


  1. how terrific to be surrounded by so many loved ones!

    drain out, stupid drain, drain out.

  2. Well Poop Spencer, stupid drain! Brookie and I are going to ask Heavenly Father to give that drain a power booster so you can take it out faster.

    I got those batteries for the wii light sabers so as soon as you feel better you and Gabe can play Clone Wars. Cooool! Love, hugs and kisses galore :) Neina