Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chemo:Day One

This is Gina. Gina administered Spencer's first doses of chemo, Vincristine and Irinotecan (eye-rin-oh-TEE-kan) The Vincristine is just a one minute I.V. push and Irinotecan is for one hour. When she injected it he said "This is chemo? Chemo is easy". I love that kid. He started the evening out with some oxycodone, then on to his chemo, followed by prednisone and prevacid for his droopy face, and then ended with a nice cocktail of Phenergan and Benedryl. He had a delicious meal of steak, cupcakes, strawberry ice cream, and a roll! He ate tons! Yay, finally! He actually started with the cupcake and thought he was hilarious because he made such a mess!

Dr. Grimmer the ENT took his steri-strip off today and here is the scar! Chicks dig scars!

Phenergan and Benedryl, the perfect end to a very long day!


  1. What a Sweetheart! I love to see him sleeping so peacefully. Thanks for the update. I have been checking it every hour to see how it went. Sure do love you guys!

  2. Hi,I'm Kims Mom Just want u to know that we r also praying down here in St George for all of u.I pray that u may find peace in your heart at this time thur God..Thank you for taking the time to keep everybody updated.Lot's of prayers coming from down here......