Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Project Year #2

Okay people, my computer has been struggling and I have not been able to post pictures. I am trying to get the kinks worked out. I really want you all to share the wonderful moments we had as a family wrapping this Cancer story all up, at Disneyworld. This post, however, is not about me or my family. It is now the season for another service project and I have the perfect one this year. We have been so blessed throughout our trial and it is now time to PAY IT FORWARD. We have talked before about our dear sweet Lizzie Lu. She has been so sick, had long hospital stays, test after test, trying to find out what is wrong with her frail little body. To check out her story go to WWW.GRATEFULME-ALLY.BLOGSPOT.COM. Elizabeth Noel is one of the most beautiful, witty, fashionista-istic, people I know. She has a smile that can light up a room. She is an identical twin and has been pretty sick since she was born. Her sister Katie is no less wonderful than she is. She is an amazing, beautiful, scientist. She misses the time away from her sister during hospital stays and she is so loyal and takes great care of their spunky, hockey loving brother Jacks. SO...with incredibly high medical bills, and little sleep things can be stressful. Our family knows this quite well. We would love for the Noel family to be able to enjoy their Christmas. I would love to get some monetary donations along with some other fun items. Liz loves France, and fashion, she loves zebra print, and accessories. Katie loves peace signs, and science. Jacksy loves hockey and baseball, and cars. The family loves Disneyland. Ally, their mom, is like Supermom. She gives to so many people. Donates her time and her love to children in the hospital and needs some pampering. She loves accessories and feeling beautiful. It is hard for me to watch other moms going through what I did. It is so hard to give all of yourself to everyone and watch your child suffer for so long. This family deserves some love and some true Christmas spirit and love. Please go to the Paypal button for the Elizabeth Noel Fund on the sidebar and donate what you can. If you would like to send gifts, cards, treats, etc contact me at GOOCHYMOMMA@GMAIL.COM for address. I appreciate all of your love and support.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Preface to Orlando

weird to see me blogging isn't it!?! I am trying to get all of our pictures of Orlando together and my laptop is just too slow so i will have to do it on our home computer. I will post our first and second day of Orlando tomorrow. We had such a fabulous time. We were well taken care of and had such a great time with our whole Gooch family. Life is crazy for us right now (what's new!). We are hoping to be moving soon, we may have some career changes, and i start nursing school in January! And this is all on top of the holidays fast approaching. Spencer recently had his six month scans.
There were no spots anywhere! Scar tissue is even to small to pick up on CT. I am trying to embrace winter this year and today was the first test! I enjoyed watching the snow as i stayed warm and comfortable in my home. The end of the year is always a little scary because benefits are done for the year. Although we do not have the same expenses as we have the last two years we will still continue to have pricey scans and tests done, including physical therapy for the next 4 years! Yikes!
See you tomorrow!