Thursday, February 18, 2010

{heart pounding}

I am sitting here while the Child Life Specialist (CLS) is helping Spencer realize that he has cancer. My heart is pounding so hard. He trusts the CLS. He told me he really likes him and that he reminds him of Mr. Davis, his school teacher because he is goofy. Spencer is working with his hospital buddy right now. He drew a scar for the biopsy. The CLS is teaching him how the cells split and explaining what cancer is but hasn't used the word yet. I hope my Spencer is okay. Maybe this is harder for me.


  1. I think CLS deserve a special place in heaven---they are really incredible and play a crucial role in helping families-I am so glad Spencer loves his!

  2. Holly- you are truly amazing to me- thank you for your example of faith and strength!! Spencer and you are lucky to have each other:) Thanks for sharing your family's journey. It is so inspiring... I look forward to reading more.