Thursday, February 4, 2010

Biopsy Day

Spencer has been most worried about this day. He is terrified of surgery but I have been so impressed with his courage. He really is my superhero. He chose to have "rootbeer" gas to put him to sleep and my sweet, wonderful sister in law who works in the surgery dpt here at Primary asked her friend, Julia, to take my guy back. She came and found us as soon as he fell asleep to tell us that he did well. He counted down from ten and got to two. Before he fell asleep he told the nurse Raine (pronounced Raynee) that he didn't like her name. He really did though, he was excited to see that she has the same name as my stepsis. He was just really loopy from the medication. Funny guy. We are still here waiting for his procedure to be done, it has been about two hours now. Here are a few pictures from pre-op.


  1. We love you, we love you!!!!! I am so sorry about all this! WE will be praying for all of you, especially Spencer, like crazy!!!

  2. I just saw Nate's facebook posts and got your blog info forwarded from Meg through Mom J. Oh wow, what a huge scary trial! You are all in our thoughts and prayers! You are amazing and strong. We love you!

  3. Hey my buddy, you are going to know so much about all the stuff that goes on in a hospital you can be a doctor when you grow up.

    Big hugs and kisses all over your cute freckled face.Talk to you soon...Love you, love you, love you,

  4. Holly, Nate and Spencer,
    We just got Nate email this morning. I don't even know what to say. We have you in our prayers and will join your fast on Sunday. I know that you are in good hands up at Primary Children's. Dr. Grimmer is Drew's ENT too and he is such an awesome guy. Please let us know what we can do to help. Will you be home at all? I can bring you dinner. If you are up at Primary's day in and out, is there anything that I can bring you up there? Food, clean clothes, books, toys? Anything at all?

  5. We just heard about this late last night. We've been praying for you and we'll keep praying! PLEASE let me know if there is anything I can do to help...we're not that far. Love you guys!

    Love - Katie Hart & Fam

  6. Spencer! Its Mrs. Hanna! I knew then when I met you .... just as I know now! You always had SuPEr PowErs! I am proud of the journey you have taken with such, strength, CoUrage and most of all BrAVery.... You were always a wonderful example and friend I wish you were still here.... but as Super Hero's know... you must save the world around you and keep moving, keep working hard and enduring....I sure WoUld LovE to SeE yOu soon!!! Hang in there Super Spencer.... All you have learned and love is what has brought you powers for today so remember I am thinking of you often and I am so proud of all you've accomplished in such a short time...Keep it up... never forget I am always there.... Your Teacher Always, Mrs. Allyson Hanna