Saturday, February 6, 2010

Damn Drain!

Sorry for the language but this damn drain is driving me crazy. We were supposed to go home yesterday and his incision was still draining, so they said "one more day". Well here we are today and the damn drain is still draining! So here we are again "one more day"! We had a pretty good night last night, slept pretty well. Docs didn't come in until 8ish this morning, much better than 6ish! He is doing well except for the damn drain. It is the only thing that really bothers him and causes him pain. He feels tied down. My poor guy. He has been bundled up in the awesome blanket Grandma Suzi made for him, and cheered up by the green Bionicle and funny chicken card Belle picked out just for him. He also asked if he could call "room service" and order his breakfast. Cute boy. He ordered some silver dollar pancakes. Unfortunately though, he felt really sick before he was able to eat them. We are sitting here now just waiting for his Zofran to kick in so that he can enjoy his pancakes without throwing up! Visitors lift his spirits. If any of you are "in the area" we would love to see you here. Just give me a call!


  1. Hey I just heard about Spencer and I'm near tears! What a blessing that you have been able to be a mom right now and not work! You are in my thoughts and prayers . . .

  2. Zofran is a wonder drug! Not a fun ordeal to go through. But you have a lot of friends and family that care for you and are keeping you in their thoughts and prayers. Stay strong!!