Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Day Home

Today I feel like I got hit by a bus. I guess in a lot of ways I did. A big fat cancer bus. I slept pretty well but it was not sufficient enough to catch up to the severity of my fatigue. I went to church and was surrounded by so many friends. So many great friends. Nate picked up Spencer's prescriptions in the morning because the pharmacies were closed last night after we got home. He had TEN freaking prescriptions this is not including his eye ointment that we brought home from the hospital. Two pharmacies (the first pharmacy didn't carry everything we needed) and $200 and something dollars later Nate came home with the "drug store". Later in the evening my dad and his family brought over dinner. My stepbro Logan made us the MOST DELICIOUS homemade pizza ever for dinner. I am still full! Spence found a comfortable spot next to my dad and fell asleep. After they left I, too, participated in an evening nap and woke up to Nate, Belle and Gavs watching daddy's Ipod on Belle's bed. I love my family. Tomorrow Spence goes in for his simulation to begin radiation. I will go more into detail about radiation, our homecoming and the last day at the hospital tomorrow.


  1. That is a TON of meds! Wow, I guess you don't realize how much medication someone with chemo needs. I LOVE the picture with Nate in Belle's bed. So sweet!

  2. You guys are the cutest family!
    Hang in there and know that we are all routing for Spence and each one of you everyday!

  3. I feel like I have an honorary pharmacist degree. I have so many drugs that we are no longer using I could go into business! I keep a large spiral notebook and keep a daily log of times, and everything that goes in or out of him and his temperature. If I cut a pill in half that's how I record it. This has helped prevent mistakes and comes in real handy at doctor's visits and the ER. They always ask, even if they are the ones that prescribed! I also use it to take notes when we are with doctors. Sometimes it's my job to coordinate between the various doctors. He takes a pile of pills 3 times a day. Fortunately his pile is getting smaller, but I set alarms in my phone and his to make sure we remember the afternoon pills, especially if I'm away. He'd be lost without me! Love, Dale

  4. Spencer this is for you. Yesterday I gave the Sharing Time lessons in Primary. Our theme was the Atonement, which is hard for most adults and really hard for children to understand. As I was praying and preparing, you popped into my mind and I knew what to do. After I gave the basic lesson,I showed them some photos of you and introduced you to my Primary. I told them all about you and what you are going through. Then I told them what you said to your Mom after crying with pain, that you knew someone who felt more pain than you, Jesus! Well, needless to say that brought the house down. They are very interested in you and I will try to keep them up to date about you and how you are doing. You have been a great example to kids you've never even met. I know some of them will start praying for you all the time! They understand the Atonement better now! Thanks Spencer, Love, Aunt Dale