Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gifts Galore

We were visited yesterday by gift bearing friends! Kevin is one of our great family friends and stopped by yesterday to see Spencer and bring him some AWESOME pajama pants and pillow case made by his wonderful wife Kim. I can't wait to go home and put them on! Then one of Spencer's classmates and his mom came to visit. She is the most awesome mom in Spencer's class and she put together and made a quilt for him. She had all of the kids trace their hands and color it on their own square and made it into a rag quilt for him. She is amazing. Before this year we didn't know her that well and she has become a great support to our family. She also brought Spence some rootbeer and fun card games, and a bag for me with awesome homemade cards and diet Dr. Pepper! Lovely! When we got back to our room Miss Cleverly, Spencer's first grade teacher from an elementary school other than our current one hunted us down and came to visit! And we are sure glad she did! She brought Spencer an awesome Utes mug, which had to be a huge trial for her since she is a BYU fan! She also brought him more rootbeer and a cool water coloring book. He got a cool "dr. dog" from darling Julia, the tech who helped in with his two surgeries. Grandma Cindy brought a Superman shirt, Superman action figure, and a cool book. Aunt Melissa brought too many gifts for us to count! I didn't get any pics but she brought a SCHLOAD of stuff for all of us, including an awesome Superman shirt, Bakugans, books, Legos, and much more! Saunie started our day off great with a delicious lunch from Costa Vida and brought Spencer a delicious strawberry "Longboard". We are so lucky!

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