Friday, February 19, 2010

I am Holly.

Sorry, sorry! I know I have taken a little break from blogging today, I needed a little time and Gavin had his 9 month check up today and we have had lots of visitors. I have tons to blog from yesterday and today and even a blog I need to finish from Monday! I will get to that tonight. I just wanted to share a little experience I had with myself today. I dropped Belle and Gavin off at my dad's house and I was alone in the car with the radio on (never a good thing for me!). A slow depressingish Michael Buble song came on and I got a little low. Next was that Fireflies song came on by Owl City and I sunk a little bit lower. I was trying not wallow but I haven't slept well in four days and my spirits were kind of low, but then a little treat came next. It was the Backstreet Boys! I turned up the volume, thought of Sara and Keri, and Sara's little dance to this particular song and rocked out. In those three short minutes I had this realization that I was still Holly. I am fun! I go to midnight showings of movies. I camp out on Black Friday. I throw showers and parties, and I love to laugh. I am still a real person. I am still me. I have to take on this big, emotional roll and even in the short few weeks I almost forgot about me. I am still in here somewhere, always rocking out to Backstreet (and even a little J.T.)!


  1. You have such a great personality, so bubbly and cute, glad you found her today, don't lose her :)

    <3 ya friend

  2. Hi my spence buddy. How are you feeling today? I love that picture with of your googly eyes but I think my favorite one is where you have cupcake and icing all over your face.

    I miss you but I read that you might get to go home pretty soon. I sure hope so. Nothing would make me happier than knowing you are happy but that yucky old hospital doesn't look very yucky it looks pretty fun... when you aren't feeling sick.

    Do you know how much I love you my best boy!!!more than anything in this world from the moment you came into it! Love, Gramma Neina

  3. I'am happy for you Holly.That u had that little time to find yourself..After giving so much u also need to find yourself...May God bless u all

  4. Nothing better than an "old school" pretty boy band to bring a little sunshine to your day! Glad for the mini pick-you-up and kudos to whatever radio station still plays Backstreet Boys!

    Hoping for more holly sleepytime tonight.

  5. Holly, thank you for announcing our shameful music past to the whole world! maybe you could guilt sara into making you a music video so you can have instant laughter anytime!

  6. J.T. can always lift one's spirits! And if his voice doesn't do it...just find a picture of him! :)