Monday, February 15, 2010

Never Cease to Amaze Me

*Spencer's face started drooping on his right side (where all the fun stuff is happening) and now can only smile on his left side. Poor guy. Just one more thing for me to worry about!

I have so many incredible friends. We have so many incredible friends. Everyday there is some act of kindness performed for our family. On Sunday (Valentine's Day), once again kindness knocked on our door. One of my greatest friends, Saunie, is the leader over the children at our church. She had all of the kids from 3 to 11 make valentines for Spencer and put them in a big fancy box. After church she and a couple of the other leaders, Amanda and Marti delivered them. I can't even tell you the happiness it brought to Spence. He read every single one of those cards out loud to us and let me tell you I can't even believe the sweet spirits of those kids and their concerns for my Spence. The valentines were accompanied by some tasty sugar cookies! Thanks girls for loving our family this Valentine's Day. We {heart} you!

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