Friday, April 2, 2010

A Quick Hello

I realized last night that I forgot to post yesterday. Nate took Spencer to radiation so I got to stay home for an entire day {amazing} and it kind of threw off my crazy groove {in a good way}! Dylan, our home health nurse came over and helped us set up our tube feeding, in the morning. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The pump is much easier to use than the TPN pump. We also got an I.V. pole to go along with it! I will post pictures later today on all of our new equipment. Spencer is tolerating the Cytoxan, so far, very well. I was so worried and as of this morning he has not yet experienced any of the brutal side effects. We all looked forward to Fridays because it is the end of a very long week and the beginning of a break without radiation or chemo, just good ol' family time. My beautiful friend, Saunie, and her family have a fun tradition of movie night on Fridays. It is the highlight of her kids' week. I think we will begin to incorporate that into our new crazy schedule to give our kids something to look forward to every week. We are getting ready to head off to radiation soon but tonight I will post the pictures from Spencer's head shaving gathering last Saturday, and all of our new equipment.

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