Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

This is the reason why my Easter was "happy"! Spencer ate PO (by mouth) THREE times yesterday! He had a half of a big waffle with maple syrup, a couple of bites of bacon, a few bites of a roll and some chicken a and a half a piece of apple pie! YAY! His tummy has been a little sore today but I think the more we can get in it the better it will be!

I love this picture of the three of them on the sofa. They are my cutest babies!

Presents from Gramma Cindy. Gavs is in love with his giggling chicky! Belle got some gardening gloves and a shovel to garden with Gramma. She loves to garden and it is her bonding time with Gramma. Spence got an awesome throw back Wesley Matthews Jazz shirt! Gramma had to search all over for it!
Cousins! Carley was giving Gavs tons of loves. Marley is our cute little monkey and Easton is our cutie patootie! We are so lucky to have such great cousins who are so much fun to be with!
Egg coloring. The kids have been begging for DAYS to color eggs. Belle enjoyed it the most!


  1. I really could just eat Gavin cute!

  2. Love the pictures. Seeing all those bald heads is great. Happy Easter Gooches!

  3. They sure are the cutest! My husband Wes worked with your husband at UPS. We love looking at Spencer's blog and following it. You guys are so inspiring to us and we wish you the best with everything. We have a little boy a little younger than Spencer and they kind of look alike too. I am so sorry for this time in your life. We pray for you guys and for Spencer all the time. I can't look at your blog without tears coming to my eyes and I can't imagine what it is like for you, but we think Spencer is such an incredible person, and so tough. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and praying for your family.

    -Saundra and Wes Nye

  4. So glad to hear Spencer is eating. And glad to see you all had a happy Easter. :)

  5. I think Spencer is looking so good in these photos. His color, his face, everything! And of course Bell and Gavin are adorable as always.
    Happy Easter you guys!
    We love you.


  6. I'm so happy Spencer is able to eat so much! That is huge! Kevin is still hardly able to eat anything nor does he have the appetite. We'll get there eventually, but really this is a miracle for Spencer and I'm so happy! Thanks for the honest and beautiful posts. He is on my mind all the time and I'm so happy he was able to enjoy his Easter surprises!

  7. way to go spencer! that is awesome! looks like you had a lovely easter! love ya!