Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today was another fulfilling day of house cleaning. Spencer has been getting more and more sarcastic, which is my gauge to his healthiness. He must be feeling quite well. He still is not eating by mouth so we have his feeding tube running continuously. Even with his feeds he has still been getting dehydrated because of he will not drink either so I have been supplementing his tube with Gatorade 2-3 times a day. His "food" is just Nestle Peptomen Jr. with Fiber which is like a Vanilla PediaSure type of formula. Our goal is to have it running at 90 ML an hour and we have recently been able to get up that far. Usually after chemo we have to start between 50-60 ML/hr so I am happy now to having it going full blast. I put 8oz of Gatorade in the tube and run it at 240 ML/hr (8oz=240 ML) so he will get an 8 oz "cup" of fluid in an hours time. It seemed to go well. It did not bother his tummy. If I am able to do 3 of those a day then that should satisfy his required daily intake of fluids. He has his blood drawn today and the labs turned out FABULOUS! This is my blessing today. His ANC went from zero to 3.0 (3000) in four days! We still have five more days until chemo for his counts to go up more so we will be at a good starting point, better than last time! (Thanks for the prayers!) I was able to get bathrooms cleaned and rooms straightened and organized. While I was making my bed I put Gavs in my empty bathtub. He loves playing in there. He had a riot knocking down all of the shampoo's, conditioners, body washes, whatever he could get his hands on. I took some cute pics of him playing around! He is just so dang cute! I cannot believe that he will be one in just a couple of weeks! Crazy! When Nate came home and after dinner we watched Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince with the kids. We made fresh popped corn drizzled with butter and salt and Isabelle insisted on Parmesan cheese on hers. She said "Grandma Suzi makes the best popcorn and she puts Parmesan on hers." Well alrighty then! I forgot how much I love Harry. We had an enjoyable time as a family. It was fun to all be together. Now it is bed time. Much earlier than the last few nights but my body is yelling at me to make it sleep at a decent hour. I thought that I would attempt reading a book (my favorite pastime) but realized that I just cannot quite focus enough yet to do so. Ever since Spencer was diagnosed I just have not been able to pick up a book. Almost there though! I included a picture of Spence holding his awesome BRAVE shirt from sweet little Lizzie in California. I never found my camera USB but Nate replaced it for me so I will be much better at uploading pictures. Since numbers are up we are going to attempt some low key fun tomorrow until we have to be quarantined the next time! I have noticed that he looks so white in the pictures that I have been taking of him lately, and today I finally realized why. His eyelashes and eyebrows and starting to fall out (sniff sniff). He had long dark eyelashes and now they are no longer. I told him we will get him a spray tan and some fake eyelashes but he did not really go for that! My cousin Hillary was here last week visiting and helping me with the kids. It was a very relaxing week. One of the days we went to Rumbi with Belle and Gavs and then did some shopping at Costco. I don't know why I only took pics at lunch and no more before or after bummer! We love you Hillary! Thanks for the fun time.


  1. Dear Holly, THANK_YOU for sharing how good your little boy is doing. I pray for all of you and especially him everyday and it feels good to know God is hearing my prayers. WOW, now that's something.

    I just wanted to say too that your pictures with your niece and your two little ones are so adorable. your babies eyes are so big and pretty and your little girl looks just like your relative. Also thank-you for giving me a place in your "journey" It has meant alot to me.

    God bless you and your family,

  2. So glad that you had such a good day yesterday. I have to ask where you got those cute jammies for having?

  3. I had a great time and wish I had taken more pictures too! These turned out great. I had such a wonderful time and wish I could have been more help.
    I'm thrilled Spencer's numbers are coming up so fast and that he is feeling better and better.

  4. So glad to hear the good news. We never stop praying for you all. The Lord loves us and watches out for us. He always comes through! We love you. Stay tough!