Saturday, April 3, 2010


Head shaving day was pretty emotional for sweet Spencer. The plan originally was to have the Jazz Bear shave it at the fundraiser but since Spence was not able to make it we had to rearrange our plans. My brother Owen and his Wife Theresa and her son Kanan made a special trip out here from California to see Spence we decided to do it while he was here. Owen waited to shave his head until he could be with Spencer. Spencer was supposed to shave it for him but he was too upset about having to have his own head shaved that he decided not to. He was cuddled and loved until it was his turn. He fought to get up. He did not want to do it. He finally sat down and cried as they shaved the last few hairs left on his cute little head. He looks much better. Ironically enough, he doesn't look as sick with it shaved as he did with his patchy, thinning hair. I held his hand the whole time and reassured him that he was going to look so handsome. And of course I was right! My sweet, handsome, sick little boy would not smile for Jen while she took pictures. He looks so sad in most of them but moments after he left someone either made some jokes, produced some bodily function noises or bribed him but he was laughing pretty hard when I returned back to the room after walking Jen Fauset of Fauset Photography, to the door and thank her over and over! It was a bittersweet day. I think he was mostly mourning his identity, the one physical thing that really made him Spencer. Little does he know that he IS still Spencer and that he is stronger than ever. He has overcome so many obstacles thus far and continues to amaze us everyday. I love my bald boy.


  1. These pictures are amazing! I think Spence looks good as a baldy. Bald must be in because I see guys with shaved heads regularly and his ears match Uncle Kevin's :-)

  2. Bald is Beautiful Spencer and you are one beautiful boy!

    We love you!

  3. These pictures are amazing. I hope this weekend brought some peace and comfort. We are praying for your family constantly! Lots of love...