Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playing Catch Up

On Monday afternoon we decided to stop by the theatre to say hi to Melly who is a "manager" there. I had a delicious veggie quesadilla and Spence decided on a blue raspberry Icee.
The Primary Children's Medical Center coin donation thingy at Walmart. Spence said "hey mom, I am really just giving money back to myself." Love that kid!

We were planning on going to Spaghetti Factory for dinner the night before we were going to be admitted but we found out that his numbers were pretty low so we had to stay home. He was so disappointed, and all he really eats is Spaghetti, so wonderful daddy stopped by on his way home from work and got it "to go".
Making himself comfortable in our room, moments after we got there.
He has a funny face in this one, I think he was cold, poor skinny guy, no meat on his bones. He cuddled up with blankets and we watched Karate Kid.
Blood transfusion!
My Beautiful boy.
A nice cocktail of blood and a big bag of Starburst jelly beans. What could be better?

Awesome Utes curtains Grandma Suzi made for our room. It makes it feel so much more comfortable! He loves them! Thank you!

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