Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The LAST DAYS of Radiation!

Ronnie and Colette were our favorites at radiation. Ronnie is the rad tech and Colette, the nurse. Ronnie was so nice to Spencer every single day. He always was so caring and sympathetic to us.

Spencer did his radiation at IMC at the Huntsman Cancer Center they have there, unless he was in the hospital and then he would go to LDS hospital. Well, his last day of radiation was planned for the Thursday he would be in the hospital and our IMC people were sad to miss his last day so they let him celebrate on Wednesday as well. He got to ring the bell, he got an Hawaiin lei, and a certificate, at both facilities! We really celebrated it up!

This is his real last day at LDS hospital. This picture is with Kristen who is the chief of radiation oncology. We have seen her at both hospitals and really love her. She is the sweetest. Spencer would always ask if we could stop and say hi to her on our way out. We got a picture with her and his mask, that we now have at home! Any suggestions in what we should do with it?
Celebrating at LDS hospital. He has to wear a mask outside of the ICS unit when he is neutropenic.

When we got back to our hospital room he took all of the sticker markers off of his mask and put them on his face. Silly boy. I love this picture of him, I think he looks so cute.


  1. For several years of my brother-in-laws life he had to wear this horrible back brace. A few years ago he had a spinal fusion which made it possible for him to no longer need the back brace. When he was finally better we held a "Destroy the Back Brace Party". With hammers and saws he killed the back brace. It was fun for him to finally have power over this thing that had been a pain in his life for years. After the killing we had cake and ice cream and enjoyed his good health.

  2. I've kept all my cancer/chemo memoirs over the years... they are a reminder of the fight i fought, the things i fought for and all the help i had along the way. it's all in a box... but all those "things" saved my life. how can i part with them?