Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I usually collage my pictures to condense them and use less space. This blog I am not going to do that. Our Make A Wish was such a cool experience and wonderful, fabulous Jen of Fauset Photography, took such beautiful pictures that I am letting them stand alone so this will be a long blog of pictures! I hope you enjoy them.

We were all given tokens to throw into the wishing pond when we first arrived at the Make A Wish center. I thought that they were so beautiful that I am going to ask for one to make a necklace from it. I love this picture of him holding the token.

Beautiful handmade glass stars for the star raising ceremony when you have fulfilled your wish.
We walked in the doors and this cool glass sign was greeting us.

The Wishing Game. There is this beautiful table upstairs outside of the wishing room appropriately called the wishing table. We all sit around the table and write one wish we have for Spencer, while he writes down at least two wishes for his "Make A Wish." He only wanted to write down DISNEYWORLD but for medical reasons they needed him to put down a couple of different options. So his second wish is to become a Chef. The cute Make A Wish girls helped him figure out that wish. While we were sitting around the table the kids got little gifts. Belle got a cool "Make A Wish" Barbie and a princess wand. Gavs got a duckie and a ball and Spence got a shirt and hat, a watch and a football.

My beautiful baby boy. Gavs was sooo crazy this day. He must have felt the excitement in the air. Is he not just so beautiful!?

The Wishing Table.

I love this picture. He looks a little mischievous. After he writes down his wishes he puts it into a capsule that he will send to the Wishing Wizard in the cool Wishing Room.
Opening the door with a special key to the Wishing Room.

They asked us to each read our wishes {out loud} to Spencer, cruelty! They thought it would be good to start with me? Well I was bawling before I even opened my mouth. Nate, Belle and I all did "sentimental" wishes and I of course, am the only one blubbering away! After we gave him our wishes he got to follow the cool floor that lit up in different colors and walk around the waterfall feature in the room to the cone where he would deliver his wish to the Wishing Wizard.

After he made his wish we got to have ice cream sundaes! It was fun to talk to the wonderful Wisher Granters, Tom and Jonette and learn a little more about Disneyworld. Jen then took some more pictures of our family. It was a wonderful, emotional day, and I am so thankful to Jen for capturing these moments for our family.


  1. i LOVE make-a-wish...the most wonderful place EVER. my little brother has a star up on that beautiful ceiling and i like you, have a wish token that i have made into a necklace. i love it. beautiful pictures holly. thank you so much for keeping this updated. it truly puts my life into perspective every single time i read it. you are in our prayers. my little boys pray for spencer EVERY single night. we are trying to come up with something we can do for him and your family. i'll keep you posted but just know that whatever it is will come straight from them (they are 7 and 5)...lots of love and prayers...adrian

  2. that is so awesome!!! i have never seen or heard how the whole make a wish thing happens. so very cool that they do this for them. :) we are still praying for you guys! love ya!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I hope all your wishes for your family come true.

  4. That is so amazingly cool. And I am so glad you have all those pictures. I can't wait for you guys to go to Disneyland next year. I love the family pictures. They are adorable. Hey, if you guys need a nurse to go to Disneyworld, I know one or two good ones I would recommend!!!

  5. What a great place! Wishes do come true!

  6. I love this post. I especially love the happy family photos at the end. I love it that you have a happy family, through all of this.

    We love you.

    Katie Reng

  7. Make-a-wish is an incredible organization. I'm so glad you had a great day there. What a beatiful family and beatiful pictures--I would have been a total wreck if I had to read my wish for my son as well.