Monday, April 12, 2010

Parties in the U.S.A!

This weekend was as good as weekends can go nowadays. It was filled with fun and accomplishment. Spencer's numbers are good and he has finally found himself again. He has been himself with maybe just a hint more of sarcasm! It makes my heart happy to see him acting like my Spence, it's just a bummer that we may be starting back at square one after this weeks grueling chemo. Because his numbers are good and he has been feeling well we let him go see How To Train Your Dragon with his cute friend, Carson, for Carson's birthday celebration. Nate went along with them and said that they had a fabulous time.

In the meantime Belle , Gavin and I cleaned out the car. I did some hard core vacuuming while Isabelle did a fantastic job in cleaning all of the inside windows, and Gavin provide entertainment while rocking out to Miley's Party in the U.S.A. We got home and Belle cleaned her room (totally short lived, it is ready for another cleaning) and I cleaned out the garage. A clean garage gives me happiness! Nate and Spence arrived home and Spence said that he was in the mood for Spaghetti with mushrooms. We invited the Belcher's to come to our Spaghetti feast and enjoyed a night of silly babies, food, and Chuck! We were four episodes behind and really needed our Chuck fix. We had sent the kids up to bed around 10 and let them play with the iPod and the DS. They are both pretty good about conking out but when we went upstairs at ONE IN THE MORNING they were both on our bed, blankets strewn everywhere STILL PLAYING THEIR GAMES! I was the first up there and just started busting up, and of course had to grab the camera. Needless to say they both slept in until almost 11 the next morning; good thing for one o'clock church!

Sunday was great because we all got to go to church. We figured that after next week with the ominous chemo schedule looming over our heads for the next several months this will be the last time that he will be able to be there. We will be in patient again for five days this week if all goes well. I have a bunch of big posts I am working on, fundraiser, Chick-Fil-A, Make-A-Wish just to name a few. I PROMISE I will work on getting those done while we are in the hospital. I have a bunch to do before we need to go in so I am going to put my computer aside until then, because it is my biggest distraction! I will be back on Wednesday! Please pray for Spencer to tolerate these next new chemos and for his appetite to come back. His last day of radiation is on Thursday and all he has been saying is "Mom, I cannot wait for my taste buds to come back". "Oh, baby, me too!" Let's hope that these next chemoes, Ifosfamide and Etoposide do not kick his bum and that he will keep that small little appetite! Love you all.

Cute silly BFF's


  1. Love your happy posts. I'm glad you have good things to report. Yesterday's testimonies talked about "tender mercies" a lot. I know you are enjoying and recognizing the tender mercies in your family.
    Good luck this week.
    Love you all!
    Kim, Nick and girls

  2. So glad you were able to have a 'normal' weekend. You needed that. Spencer and all the Gooches are always in our thoughts and prayers! Hang in there. We'll keep praying. We love you so much!

  3. I just wanted to let you know that your story amazes me! What an adorable and brave young man Spence is. Always thinking and praying for your family.

    With much love,