Saturday, April 3, 2010

Special Delivery!

Once again "Team Spencer L.A." amazes our family. Today while watching conference (a televised session where leaders of our church give talks-very uplifting) there was a knock on the door. We rushed to the door to find yet another big box from our wonderful friends in Southern California, a box full of Easter gifts. Chocolate bunnies and eggs, Easter baskets, books, toys, clothes, slippers, gift certificates, and the list goes on and on! Thank you Stevens family and thanks to all of your wonderful friends (I don't want to list everyone just in case if forget somebody!) for putting smiles on my kiddies faces, once again. It was such a wonderful day listening to conference, opening presents, and spending time with family. My sister in law Melissa came over and brought yummy Thai food with her. I had been craving yellow curry all week and it really hit the spot! Spencer was doing really well all day. His tube feeding is almost up to the level we want it (90-100ML/hr). As soon as I disconnected it for the night he started throwing up. I am going to have to turn it down tomorrow and work our way up again. He has been pretty happy otherwise and seems like his almost normal self! We hope you all have a happy Easter, Passover or whatever you may celebrate!

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