Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eastie Beastie's Party

A few week ago I mentioned that Belle and I spent some time together at my nephew's party and Jumpin' Jacks. I also mentioned that I would eventually blog it, so here we are! Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my cousins. I was lucky enough to be close to almost all of my 21 cousins, and continue to be so. I am thankful that my kids have the same opportunity. Nate's siblings are some of my best friends and I love every minute we all get to spend with one another. Belle and Easton are closest in age (well not counting Mars, Cars, and Gavs all born within a year of eachother) and always have a good time together. Isabelle and Andrew had a grand old time bouncing eachother, it was hilarious! It was a fun time to get out with just Belle and enjoying the evening.

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  1. Of course I loved your comment about your cousins. I have to say we were very lucky to love each other so much, even with the different personalities and some of us living so far apart. Some of my fondest memories are summers at Grandma's, even if I was always told to play the mom. But I am grateful for those memories because it makes me love my cousins even more as adults.

    Love to you all,