Monday, April 26, 2010


At church on Sunday, in Relief Society (our Women's Sunday School class) we were discussing recognizing blessings throughout trials. I was amazed at all of the wonderful woman who were thankful for their lives and continued to say they don't have many trials in there lives. One of the women who mentioned this has had a husband, daughter and son die of illness and tragic accidents. Her life is no cake walk, yet she was verbally thanking God for her life and her blessings. I shared my feelings about my extreme faith. There are so many with little or no faith. To me faith gives me hope. Why not have hope? If that can get us through those thunderstorms, then why not have faith? I am not leaving this open to discussion or opinion, this is just my statement, my faith, my hope. This is what gets me through my thunderstorm. The point of this blog is to share my thoughts about my blessings. Sometimes we get so caught up in the trial that we do not see the many blessings right in front of us. I am pretty good about noticing the blessings in my life but I have many days where the clouds overpower the sun. It is my goal, and I am admonishing you all to participate in this challenge with me. We all have trials. I have trials that you prefer to never have and you have trials I would never want. That said, we also all have blessings. My challenge to you and for myself is to consciously recognize one blessing a day. Tell your friend, your mom, write it down, thank God, anyway you do it I want you do see them. What I am going to do is blog one blessing everyday. Even if I am not able to blog that day, I will blog my blessing. If I seem to fall behind on this goal, please remind me. Today I have multiple blessings. Some of them are too personal to share. One a long time coming, and all I will say to that, is that I love my Dad and thankful for him in my life. There are two blessings that have made my day smile that I will share with you. First, Spencer has not spoken many words over the past five days because of his mucositis (mouth sores) but today he has said many things, and any day he tells me he loves me is a blessing. The second blessing is a funny one. Our neighbor knocked on the door around 9:30 this evening with a bag full of Tsunami sushi. Oh what a blessing. Sushi makes me happy. It was delicious! I urge you to be aware of the blessings and goodness around you. Embrace the wonders of friendship and family and verbalize your gratitude. I am thankful for all of the people in my life who have shaped and molded me to be the mother, wife, and friend that I am. I am truly a blessed woman. (P.S. I LOST MY CAMERA CORD! I PROMISE I WILL FIND IT TOMORROW AND POST SOME PICTURES!)


  1. This post reminded me of a song I love. It's called Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crowns. Faith and hope are what get me through, too. You're awesome, Holly!

  2. Love it, Holly! I have a "BLessings book," and I write down one blessing a day before going to bed. It was hard getting in hte habit, but now it's like praying & brushing my teeth. I just do it. I also have a friend who blogs a blessing everyday. She adds text to the side of her blog (like where you have all your links) so it's not a post of it's own, but the right side of her blog is completely made up of her blessings. I love the idea because she has them all in one place so when she goes back to do a book, they are all in order & she can have a "blessings" section. I don't know if that made sense, but I think no matter HOW you do it, you are right...just make sure you do it. Nobody is deprived blessings in this life & noticing all that we have & all that we are given is important. If we don't, it's like forgetting to say "thank you" each time someone does something for us. My blessing for today is YOU - or maybe I should say for Sunday. You had awesome comments & thoughts to share during the lesson & I am grateful for those. I love you!!

  3. Great post, Holly! It's so easy to focus on the negative when it seems like it's all around you. I try to think about what I do have instead of what I don't, and I find I'm really blessed beyond my expectations. Thanks for your thoughts today!