Monday, March 29, 2010


We were given great news today! WE DON'T HAVE TO BE IN PATIENT THIS WEEK! He is starting Doxorubin, Cytoxan, and continuing Vincristine, however, because of radiation we are not able to do the Doxorubicin this week, which is the "long" chemo and the reason to be admitted. He will still receive Cytoxan and Vincristine but can be given at the Oncology clinic and will only be a handful of hours! I am hoping, too, that because of only one day of chemo this week, he can maintain his health and continue to get stronger before we go in for five day in patient chemo in a couple of weeks. I am trying to get him to eat little bits here and there and told him I will make him some mashed potatoes tonight. Hopefully he will try a few bites. After radiation I called the lab to get his results from this mornings draw and all of his counts were good so we decided to stop by his school and say hi to all of his classmates and the wonderful office girls, of course! He was very quiet and I think his friends were shocked to see him in a wheelchair (he is still so weak, too weak to walk too far), but once they all got talking it was awesome. They are all so aware of him and what he is going through and I am just so thankful that he has wonderful friends supporting him and shaving their heads. I forgot to get a picture at the school but here is one that the principal took of all the kids and staff who shaved their heads, minus the kids who were off track (we are in year round school).
We then went to the library to take back some books that were long overdue because they were due right after Spence was diagnosed and I have been a little preoccupied. I explained to her why they were late and asked if she would waive the fee and the librarian looked at Spencer and said "are you Spencer?" She said she has seen his flier and she even went to the end of the event last week. So super cool. She was very kind and wished us good luck! I am very tired today. I am still trying to catch up on sleep and am planning on checking out early tonight! I wanted to leave on a different note tonight. My friend Allyson, whom I met through our ordeal over blogs and facebook, has a little girl, Lizzie, who is 8 and is also suffering with unusual health problems. She has some kind of blood disorder that makes her very sick and puts her in the hospital often. She has had many surgeries and lots of testing but they still are not quite sure what is wrong with her. I ask you all to pray for their family and for their peace, and for Lizzie's comfort. I ask you to pray that the doctors will be inspired to run the right tests so that they can move in a forward direction towards her recovery. Your prayers have helped our family so much and I am hoping that your love and faith can bless their family as well. I love you all so much and am so thankful for all of your thoughts and prayers!
This is cute little Lizzie (hope you don't mind Ally)!

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  1. Holly, what a gift! Prayer is so powerful and I am grateful for you requesting it on Elizabeth's behalf. We are on our knees in prayer for Spencer and our Elizabeth. Thank you!