Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Short Intermission

We are finally home, for a few days at least. We had a pretty busy day but I am so exhausted and I need to take a little break and enjoy being home. I will blog about our day tomorrow, probably in the evening. Before I go to bed I wanted to again thank all of my wonderful friends who participated in our Super Spence vs. Cancer Benefit last Saturday. My friend Amelia, who was one of the photographers sent me her pictures tonight. As I was looking through all of the pics I could not help but be overwhelmed once again by all of the immense love that was shown to our family and my baby boy. I will be back tomorrow evening. Loves.


  1. How wonderful it is to see the seemingly bottomless amounts of support that Super Spencer is receiving. We're so happy that the Saturday event was a huge success, even though Spencer couldn't attend. Keep counting your blessings and the days will go by faster and faster. All of our love, prayers and thoughts are with you. Love Uncle Kevin

  2. Holly- i can honestly say i've never met someone with so much grace and gratitude. I can't even imagine what you're family is going through and yet you're always so quick to give thanks, to offer love and friendship, to offer praise and testimony of a Savior. I'm learning so much of how to be a better christian because of your example and to you, I am thankful!! We just got our super spence bracelets and be sure we wear them with pride, hope and prayer!! With love, the Payne Family