Thursday, March 11, 2010

Different Perspective

So yesterday I mentioned the boy who was here for his last day of chemo. Today was a different situation. A situation that put things into perspective a little for me and made me thankful for where we are in our treatment. A mom and dad walk into the oncology clinic for the first time. They are holding their sweet two year old boy. He has long blond hair, rosy cheeks and a big smile. He was wearing super cute Utes scrubs. The mom grabs a few tissues for the tears she knows that she is going to shed. The nurse comes into the waiting room and tells her they are finding a room for her because "the Dr." wants to talk to them about his scan results. My heart dropped into my stomach. I wanted to hug her. I wanted to cry with her. I was thinking about how you would feel to tell a mom "your baby has cancer", and then I thought I don't think I ever again want to hear for the first time "he has a malignant tumor". Barf. Although we have only been going through this process for a month now, I would not for the world want to have to relive those awful first two weeks. Not knowing, waiting for "results". Blood results, MRI results, CT scan results, bone marrow results, PET scan results. So many results before you really know. Too many results can make your heart beat right out of your chest. I think it happened to me. We have many more obstacles to experience and many more tears to cry but I am so glad we are over the "not knowing" hump. We are able to just move on with treatment. We know the beast we are dealing with and can pray everyday for the strength of positivity! I took some more pics of Spencer's hair (obsessed, i know!). Nine more days, we need to hold on for nine more days!


  1. Holly, Nate and Spence,

    I know it sounds unfeeling but I thought I'd let you know that with every hair that falls out...the cancer is shrinking! Let Spence know that loosing his hair is a good thing, it means that his treatment is working. If the medicine is killing his hair it is killing his Rhabdomyosarcoma TOO! I can't wait for all his tumor to be zapped!!! Hang in there it does take a little time to zap such an obnoxious tumor!
    Love you guys a ton, and still praying for you. Love cousin Linda Reichert

  2. You don't know me, I'm just a mom who heard about this blog. Simply, I will just say that you all are so inspiring and so very brave! Know that even strangers are praying for you and thinking of you.
    In His strength,

  3. I so love you Holls. In the midst of such a difficult time, one of the greatest blessings is the new compassion you are able to feel for people...on top of the already so compassionate person you were before. I know this on a much different level and yet still know that although some of the things we are forced to go through often feel unbearable at times, we are blessed with a gift for being a strength to so many who will follow the same path we have already walked. I love you so much for your strength and for your dedication to this blog. Sometimes it's hard to bear your soul to the world so openly. And yet by putting it all out there...battles, difficulties and also victories, you are touching COUNTLESS people. You are such an example to me. I LOVE YOU!

  4. Holly,

    Different perspectives; when Mitch started losing his hair Becky gave him a buzz cut figured his hair would grow back.

    Now the boy can't stand for his hair on his forehead, Mom cut it!

    When we were 4 weeks in, we prayed for God to reveal his plan and held on to the dream; tomorrow he swims the 200 yard Butterfly at the State Championships.

    It's not the swimming that's paramount, it's the testimony that God is still in the healing business. Hold fast the word of God and keep your dreams before him.

    We're praying for all of you, Spencer, Belle, Gavin, Nate and Holly.

    James, Becky and Mitch