Saturday, March 13, 2010

Once Upon A Time

I promised a refreshed day with a blog about our fabulous yesterday but my dirty bathrooms were calling my name! Lucky for me my Saunie was inspired to stop by and take Gavs from me. Nate needed to run some errands and I NEEDED to get some cleaning done. I was able to get both upstairs bathrooms cleaned, and both the kids rooms totally rearranged. Gavin shares a room with Spence and I felt it would probably be better to move him out of there for when Spence is immuno-compromised and I don't want Gavin to sleep alone. I decided, therefore, to take apart his crib and reassemble it in Belle's room but some rearranging was in order! Now I just need to re-cover Gavs bumpers because they definitely don't match in Belle's room (because I totally have time to do that!) I then moved things back to normal in Spencer's room. My muscles are aching from all of the furniture moving, but it sure feels great to have it all done. ANYWAY. Nate and I enjoyed an evening of "catching up on our Tivo" while Belle and Spence watched a movie upstairs. We watched the last two Chuck's and a Community. Gavin sat and giggled all evening with us and I surprisingly enjoyed myself as we laughed through our shows. For a moment, as we all sat there, laughing, I forgot myself. I forgot about our crazy life. I forgot about our "cancer". We were a normal family, if only for a moment, and I was breathing again. I soon remembered that I had not flushed Spencer's central line and trucked my sore muscles up the stairs to help my baby. This moment I had just experienced did not make me sad, or angry, I was thankful. Thankful that I was given this gift of breath, of laughing, of my family.
My giggling Gavs. He was so funny tonight. I also discovered that he broke another tooth through! Hurray! Two teeth!
My sleeping babies. They were watching a movie on our bed and I came up to them sound asleep!


  1. I'm so happy for you :) I pray that you have more moments like this. Continued prayers and good thoughts for Spencer and your whole family.

  2. So glad you had a great evening--you all DESERVE it!!! I have been following your blog and haven't yet introduced myself. My husband, Bryan, has emailed you and Spencer. I so admire your courage, strength, and honesty & I haven't even met you! Thank you for sharing your story. You have made an impact on us and are the focus of our fasts up here. We are hoping to come down to the "head-shaving" fundraiser next weekend. I really wish you lived closer (we are in Cache Valley) so I could come over and be the one to clean your bathrooms and help with some of the other menial things that need to be done so you could have a few more of these windows of getting to enjoy just being a family without the weight of the world on your shoulders!!! Take care! We are praying for all of you!

  3. Holly ... love you ... but lecture time. Call your visiting teachers and LET them schedule for people to come over once a week and clean your house. Your VTs don't have to do it alone - they can get a sign up going around and the YW can always use service opportunities. You've spent your life serving, now LET people serve your sweet family. It is THAT season for YOU. If you don't call somebody, I will. Mean it. Love you. <3