Sunday, June 13, 2010

Super Woman

Running is torture for me. Pure torture. I admire and am amazed by those who are able to run marathons. The time, training, pain and discipline that goes into running a marathon is just totally beyond me. I feel like it is a super human power. My sister in law Chelsey is one of those amazing people. Super Woman. I have never seen anyone so dedicated to training and to her cause. This was her first marathon, choosing to run for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. She decided that she wanted to raise money for Spencer so she diligently passed out fliers about Spence and her purpose to many homes. The night before the race her sister, Brielle, came to the hospital and recorded Spencer cheering her on, telling her that he loves her. Chelsey was instructed to listen to it when she felt like she couldn't move on, when she needed the motivation. I think it helped. It was a very emotional reunion when we met her at the finish line. She pushed her body to intense heights all in the name of my baby boy. We hugged and cried. I wish that I could explain to her how much she means to me, how her physical display of support and love has touched our family more than she will ever know. I sincerely hope she knows that she is one of my favorite people in the world, that I am so glad to have her as my sister and that she indeed, is my super woman!


  1. Thanks for the nice words, Holl. I would run a thousand marathons if I knew it would make Spencer all better. I love him so much and was so glad that I had the opportunity to show it by doing this for him and your sweet family. Thank you for allowing me to contribute in my little way. I love you guys so much!!!

  2. Great! I ran a marathon on Saturday and one of the charities was "Children With Cancer Christmas Foundation" and they were encouraging people to write the names of kids fighting cancer on the banner. I drew a nice shout-out to Super Spence (and I wasn't the only one)!