Friday, June 11, 2010

THE Birthday!

We got to come home from the hospital the day before Spencer's actual birthday! Thanks to our nurses and doctor's who advanced his chemo so that he was able to enjoy the day at home. His feeding tube fell out early the morning of his day but was quickly replaced and no dent in the spirits. Braden and Kristine Burge, some of our favorite people at school stopped by with some awesome balloons for him! Anyone who knows Spence, knows he LOVES Ben 10! Later Aunt Melissa, Uncle Jeff, Eastie Beastie and Moosy Boosy came over for dinner and a movie. We always enjoy their company. We opened some presents from them and a few from mom and dad, including the hoped for digital camera. We watched Avatar and found almost all of the kiddie company, and daddy had fallen asleep during the movie. It was a nice, low key way to enjoy the birthday. The next day was all about partying!


  1. Happy birthday I love the pics of them all sleeping that is so sweet. ;)