Friday, June 4, 2010

My Home Health Nurse is Better Than Your Home Health Nurse

In the early afternoon of Spencer's birthday there was a knock on the door. Our home health nurse, Dylan, stopped by with a present for Spence. He brought over this awesome skull cap and a big fat jaw breaker. And this is reason 120 why our home health nurse is better than yours!


  1. That Dylan is such a nice guy!

    BTW-so I am going to have to make it out to see you next week. Sorry for the delay. I am heading to Logan for Little Red.

    Love ya girl and thanks for keeping us in the loop about Spence.

  2. He looks great...and SO tough!
    Keep going Holly. xoxo

  3. above and beyond! wow, she is the BEST!
    how blessed is spence to have such great care takers? :)