Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Nate's boyfriend (as I like to call him) came by an kidnapped him for a much needed boys night this evening. I knew in advance that this was going to happen and I was excited that he could have some time to himself. The kids and I got into bed early (I should be asleep by now) and I let Spence come into my bed. The window and the blind were open letting in the setting sun and the fresh spring air. Spence grabbed my hand and we just lay there talking. Talking about fun things, about life. I asked him if he really knew what cancer was before all of this. I said to him "even though life is crappy right now, we are lucky to have received so many blessings." He nodded his head and then said "Loved. We are loved, I don't know if lucky is the right word for all of this." I feel lucky. I feel lucky that I got to sit here with my boy tonight in the perfect ambiance. I am lucky that he is mine. We indeed are so loved. "This too shall pass" my boy and we will still be loved.

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