Monday, June 28, 2010

Fun It Up!

Last week was so much fun! The beginning of the week we "movied it up" two days in a row! On Monday we saw Toy Story 3 and Karate Kid and on Tuesday we saw Marmaduke. It was so great to hang out with friends! Then on Wednesday Nate stayed home with Spence and Belle, Gavs and I went to the Oquirrh Park pool. It was so nice to be outside! After the pool we went to Sub Zero Ice Cream in Jordan Landing. Okay let me just tell you this is the coolest (no pun intended) ice cream place ever! They cryogenically freeze your ice cream right in front of you. You can choose tons of different bases, like fat free, skim, premium, yougurt, and even soy/rice. Then you choose your flavors any combination of flavors! Then you choose an add in. They then freeze it and mix it in front of yours eyes! It was awesome and it was delicious! I felt blessed to enjoy such a fun week with my kids, to feel normal, to feel the sun, to feel.

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