Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pooper Scooper

Why do I ever plan anything? Seriously. One more day until his chemo admit. I have a bunch of plans for Me, Belle and Gavs this week. Spencer's blood counts came back too low to be admitted tomorrow. We have to wait until next Wednesday. When I first get these results I just want to cry. Nate took time off of work to stay with him and I am thinking, great, I will have to do these last five days. No time with my other babies, no break. I talked to Nate and he made me feel better. He is going to work things out. I love him. I was feeling better until I realized they will be inpatient over 4th of July. Life is just crappy sometimes. You know the saying "when life gives you lemons"? Well I like lemons, I feel like the saying should be "when life gives you dog crap...." I don't know what could it be "then make manure to plant flowers?" Luckily, I have "flowers" in my life. My stepmom, my husband, my wonderful friends. These flowers have done too much for me to even begin to repay. I do have Bunco tonight. That will make me feel better. We also went to the movie theatre two days in a row and his numbers are low. Another reason to be worried. We went earlier enough that there weren't too many people there and I made him wash his hands a ton. SO, please pray that he doesn't get sick from being in public, and a pooper scooper for all of the dog crap!

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  1. Make me laugh about the dog poop. There is nothing worse than dog poop in the tread of your shoe. ENjoy your lemons and flowers of life!!! Hang in there!