Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Day in the Life...

Last night was a decent night. We tried to get into bed as early as possible, which ended up being around 11:30, early enough, for us. Spence is on a lot of fluids because of the chemo so he was up to go to the bathroom a lot which definitely impedes our sleep. It was a better hospital sleep than normal though. I decided to sleep in until 8:30, which is unusual for me while staying here and the last hour of sleep really helped. I got up and took a run/walk around the neighborhood. Let me tell ya. Primary Children's is set up on the top of the hill and all they got around here is hills, my path started downhill, but I had to go uphill to get back. It felt great after my shower, but my muscles are aching now. Spence and I had an enjoyable day playing Battleship, which he totally won, and some Mad Libs. He played Bingo and did an art project and is now settled down with his DS waiting patiently for Gramma Cindy. I am really tired, but optimistic. Spencer has been doing really well and I am thankful that we could be the "low maintenance" patient this week. We have been blessed with our favorite nurses, Jenn, and Megan so far! I love them. I love the staff here. They just make it better, when you have to be away from home. Oh and I just found out we have Caitlin tonight, another one of our favorites! It is nice to have familiar faces when we have to be here. Today was Indian food day at the University of Utah hospital, so I treated my self to a delicious lunch. I had vegetable Korma and a vegetable samosa. Delicious. Love love love Indian food! Tonight we will read scriptures, pray and do some more Mad Libs and start all over again tomorrow.

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  1. I do have to say that hospital has some darn good food! I used to love their coconut cream pie YUM. Glad he is doing so well this time we will keep praying for him.