Wednesday, September 22, 2010


You are probably all amazed at my THREE blog posts in one day! It must really be "one of those days". We are sitting at Primary's Emergency Dpt. right now while Spence gets antibiotics and fluids. We have been informed that because of his low blood counts and high temp we will be staying over night. I am just hoping that over night does not turn into nights. The hospital is comforting to me now. It is not just a sterile place. It is a place of healing. It is a place of smiles and any desire at the touch of a button. We have friends here. Although it is comfortable here does not mean that I would not rather be at home with my whole family. I do not like being apart. I started this blog early in the evening and now it is after midnight. I wanted to blog more but I am exhausted. Spencers ANC is about ZERO so we will be here for awhile. I am feeling that indescribable exhaustion setting in again. I am feeling helpless away from the other kids, and sad that I have not been able to give Isabelle the time she needs from me. I am sad so I am going to go to bed.

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