Thursday, September 30, 2010

Project Super Quilt

Okay so I am so excited about this project that I would love your help with. Usually the beds in ICS are made with super fun and super cute quilts that lighten up the room and make things feel more "homey". A lot of these kids are here for days at a time and some of them weeks, if not months. These rooms can be so sterile and it is just one more thing to make things more comfortable. I was talking to our housekeeper here, whom we love, and she said they are running out of quilts. They have small quilts that work for the babies on this unit but they are almost out of twin size quilts that they can use for the majority of the patients. These quilts are for the unit. They stay here and helpful in brightening up the rooms. My favor of you all is to help me collect AS MANY TWIN SIZE QUILTS AS POSSIBLE. The dimensions are 70 x 90. They do not have to be fancy. Just fun, colorful patterns for both boys and girls. This will be called PROJECT SUPER QUILT. If you are not the "seamstress" and/or would love to have your kids, church, family involved, I would also love to have fun fleece blankets made to give as gifts to the kids on this unit. Remember we need blankets for boys and girls. If the whole blanket thing is not your thing I am also trying to get small sized lotions, like good ones from Bath and Body works (just the small size), full sized shampoos and conditioners, face wash, laundry detergent, ironing boards, and irons, toothpaste, and all of the essential toiletries for the parents here. It is hard to be here for a long period of time and use sample sized, crappy toiletries. It is just one thing to help make the whole experience feel like home. We have washers and dryers, but no ironing boards or irons and let me tell you, suitcased clothes do not stay unwrinkled! I am really excited for this project and hope that I can get you all on board. Please get your kids, your family, your churches, your schools involved to help us make the ICS department more enjoyable for these sick kids are their tired families. My email address is email me to get on board and I can tell you where to send them etc. I am so excited for this project and know that you guys are so wonderful and will come together to help me with this project! I would like to have blankets to deliver by Christmas. I have a lot of people ask me what they can do to help...this is it!


  1. Crappy toiletries??!!! I am insulted!! Haha.

  2. First, I appreciated your pictures. It is good to "see" him and have a better picture of him in my mind when I say my prayers. What a trooper he is.

    Second, I will pass along the news of this project. What a FANTASTIC idea. I would love the address/info of where to send blankets/items (if they are different), who to address it to, etc.

    Holly, I am so impressed that during this hard time, you are losing yourself in service. You know what would be truly helpful and uplifting. Thanks for allowing us to share and bless in a meaningful way, as I cannot even fathom what would truly be helpful or what I would want. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. You are just amazing for coming up with such a positive and amazing way to serve and give back.

    I <3 this idea, and you all so much!

  4. I am excited about this Holly! You know how Gabe and Sophia love to make things, so I am excited to have them help me with the small fleece blankets. Especially, in the name of their amazing friend Spencer and for all the kids and families going through the same trial. Love you Holly! Rachel