Thursday, September 23, 2010


All bundle up in the Emergency Department last night.
The effects of Benedryl. Who needs a pillow anyway?
Our cute return missionary tech, Tommy, just got back from Korea and wrote: Spencer, you are here let us celebrate" which means Welcome Spencer! Later in the evening our nurse, who knows Russian, wrote his name in Russian. So cool!
Playing video games. Tomorrow we will do homework.

I was feeling pretty positive today. I was thinking about how lucky we, as a family, were to have a great summer "off" together. Instead of stressing over these sick and fever stays I just need to expect them in our lives. I just need to say "this too shall pass" and stay calm. I am so lucky to have a stepmom and neighbors who will take my kids without even pausing, and that they feel loved wherever they are. I forgot to mention last night, that we are in the same room that we had in March when Spencer was really sick. It was a little creepy to come back to this room. Bad vibes or something. When the doctor came in and said that she is hoping for a short stay I was thinking to myself that I cannot even wish for those things because most likely it will not be a short stay. That is just the way it works for us. I can do hard things {repeat 20 times}. A few hours later.... Spencer has had a rough day. He had a mild allergic reaction to his platelet transfusion. He had raised welts all over his bald head and down his back and on his face. They were itchy and annoying. Then they had to get a mucus sample from his nose (yum) with the suction and that was an experience on its own. He screamed bloody murder and I had to hold his hands down, and eventually his head too because he tried to bury it in his pillow. Oh happy times. After the torture we got news of his blood culture results: positive to bacteria. Yay! (that was totally sarcastic). So now we are dealing with a bacterial infection. Last time his line had to be pulled and replaced. I don't know what he will do if that has to happen. I think he is about fed up. This poor kid. Will this ever be over? I wish we were home.


  1. Holly - I wish we could give you and Spence a great big hug! We love you!

  2. So sorry!! This will eventually be a distant memory. I know it seems like it will last forever. Kristoffer has been done with treatment for 11 months now. I cannot believe it. Where has the time gone. I treasure every moment. They are moments I didn't think I would have! They are more precious now. You will be there soon!