Thursday, September 2, 2010

Go! Fight! Win!

Today is day 2 of 5 or inpatient chemo. Nate said that Spence was hallucinating throughout last night. It is a possible side effect from one of his chemoes, or it could have been from his anti-emetics but he is used to the BenPhen, so I am not quite sure why. It is hard to be away from him when he is there but he is getting so used to things that I know he could do it all on his own if he had to. He has been feeling well so far and I think they are hoping to advance his chemo. I appreciate Nate staying there, especially because Isabelle's first day of kindergarten is tomorrow, and I would be heartbroken to have missed it. Tonight was the first Utes game of the season. As you can see Spence is all ready in his Utes attire for a FREAKING AWESOME GAME! It was a close one but the Utes are starting off the season proving their spot in the Pac 10 or 12 or whatever we are calling it now! Nate was able to go to the game so my sister sat with Spence for the evening (thanks Britt) and took these pictures for me. It is hard to blog when I am not there, and you may get some "quality" cell phone pictures this time around! I am sad that he is missing school but happy that he continues to fight this monster! He loves being at the hospital because he loves the nurses and honestly I think he enjoys playing video games all day long. I guess the unit got Lego Harry Potter on xbox 360 which he has been longing to play and has not done anything else! It is pretty cute. Nate did work with him on math for 3.5 hours yesterday. He got it all done, and he will take a spelling test tomorrow. We are really trying to keep up with the academics. I miss my boys but know they are off fighting and conquering and I cannot wait to hug them both! Go Utes! Go Spence!

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