Thursday, September 16, 2010

Old Soul

Here are a couple of pictures of the "red venom" doxorubicin. It is light sensitive so they have to keep it covered in a dark bag. Crazy stuff.

We took a walk to find some Playstation 2 games. He says he is smiling under that mask but I don't believe him.
Spencer asked me to take a picture of this cute baby leopard or cheetah, whatever it is, for Isabelle, because she loves them. So here you go Belle!
This is the delicious pumpkin pie I ate for lunch today. I couldn't rationalize eating lunch calories and pie calories so I just ate it for my lunch! And it was worth it!

My son is pretty much amazing. I don't mean to sound like I am bragging but I guess I am! For those of you who have watched a love one face this monster, or have even experienced it firsthand, know how awful and sick the chemo can make you. This boy of mine keeps going strong. He rarely throws up, he asks to be medicine free. The anti emetics for a lot of patients do not even help, and my Spence does not take them and still does not throw up, it is just a miracle. It really is a miracle. The doctors are amazed when they see that his spirits are high and his body is functioning healthily after having all of this venom coursing through his body. Today we did lots of homework. It feels good to be productive and to keep his mind strong. I believe that this will continue to help in a rapid recovery. His teacher, Miss Beck, if I have not already mentioned, is amazing! I asked her if she would put together all of the classwork he missed this week and she made everything so wonderfully organized. It is nice to be able to home school him and let him keep up with his class and not miss out on any project. We have had a great experience here this time. The normal unit is full and so we were unlucky enough to be put on another unit. That is hard for Spence. They do not have to same amenities as ICS and it makes it hard for him, HOWEVER, the ICS nurses come to this unit, because they all have to be chemo certified and they just take such good care of him. We have been so lucky to have Tomoko, Spencer's most favorite nurse. She spoils him and makes him cool origami. She helped him with his homework and makes him feel so great. The ICS techs (CNA's) also come down to this floor. Nicole went out of her way to make him feel more at home on this other unit. He told her that he misses the Xbox and that we ONLY have a playstation 2 system and pretty much NO choices of games. So she went to ICS and found him some of his favorite games to play on the Playstation 2. How awesome is that? Her awesomeness does not stop there either! We asked her if ICS had the first Harry Potter book. Spence has not read them yet and we are going to do it together. She could not find one there but hunted one down and found it for us. I just love this hospital. Tomoko and I were talking today about all of the cancer in both of our families. She has a lot of relatives who have died from the beast and figures that she will have it someday. She feels like she cannot be as brave and strong as Spencer is if she ever has to deal with it. She told us some stories of her experiences on the adult oncology floor and how she would just sit with patients and rub their backs and hold their hands. Spencer looked at her sweetly and said "if you get cancer, I will come and sit with you." {Tears} what a sweet boy. He told me that if it were me that he would stay with me the whole time. So filled with compassion, this child is. He is a child with an old and wise spirit, teaching me everyday what it is to be Christlike and full of hope. It is so comforting to have these people in our lives. They truly care for my son and for his comfort and well being. We feel the love and warmth of these wonderful care givers and love them all so much.
P.S. How many 8 year olds can say "upstream occlusion" and know what it means! LOL!


  1. Don't you hate those occlusions and the alarm that goes with them? Our first nurse (and one of our favorite) outside the ICU at UCSF called my cell phone today. So sweet! I know how much those wonderful nurses mean to you. They are such awesome people! See you soon!

  2. My dear sweet friend,
    My heart breaks for you, for sweet SWEET Spencer. You are in my heart and prayers. You my friend, are pretty awesome!!! I'm just saying!

  3. What a little angel boy you have. Keep up the fight Spence, you are awesome!!