Monday, September 27, 2010

Running Low

The weekend is over and I am back in the hospital. My wonderful husband who I haven't seen in I don't even know how long stayed the long sick weekend with Spence. It is hard to get any rest away from the hospital when Spencer's temp spikes to 105.4 and is so sickly he won't talk. I am so tired. The extreme fatigue is setting in again. It was good to get some house scrubbing done and enjoy time with the kids. I am just kind of blah. I feel relieved to be back here with Spence, sad to leave my kids, and I miss Nate. All of these conflicting emotions make me tired, so tired. Spencer's fever is low grade at the moment, until the Tylenol wears off. The doctor just left the room. We are planning on a CT since we are on day 5 of high fevers, to make sure brain and vital organs are functioning correctly and to see if we are dealing with a fungal infection. His stomach has really been bothering him so they will CT his tummy too. They are still hoping to save his line, and his bacteria cultures are negative but if he is not getting better it still might be an option. At this point I am not sure if we will be leaving at all this week. I am thankful that they have washing machines and dryers for us and that I can bring my Scentsy. It makes things a little bit better. I don't have much to say today. I don't have the energy to say much of anything. I am trying my hardest today to do hard things.


  1. holly! that is just plain guys are in our prayers every night! love you!

  2. Just know you and your sweet family are being prayed for by our family here in Draper :) Wishing you a better day.