Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just Pictures

His poor little heart had been pumping at about 145 times a minute since we got here. Today it finally went down to 106!
Sorry this is a bad picture but 37.5 is a normal temp! It has gone up since then but has broken multiple times today! First time since we have been here!Spence and Uncle Kevin. Uncle Kevin just went through his own hellish journey with Multiple Myeloma and is now in remission! Yay!
Aunt Dale and Hillary with Spencer. They have been such a support to me through all of this. It is nice to have support from people who understand, who have gone through it too!
I wish I had a nice camera. The view is beautiful from our window especially at sunset!
Sleeping sick boy. I think this may have been the first night we were here LAST WEDNESDAY.
Going in for a CT.
Ryan, Jann and the girls came by to say hi and give him an ultra cool dragon and knight!
Still hanging in there. This was right before he got really sick.
Bedside X-ray. Can you tell how swollen he looks in this picture. My poor guy.

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