Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Little Faith

Today was a good day. Spencer came home on Sunday afternoon with Nate from their 5 day chemo stay. He did not throw up once this stay and has continued to stay pretty healthy. He threw up a couple of times this morning but nothing he couldn't handle. This kid is a pro. His counts on Saturday were pretty low with only the surety of them getting lower after chemo. Because he has been feeling so well he really wanted to go to school. I told him that he would have to wait until his counts came back on Tuesday morning but most likely since his last numbers were lower than what they need to be to go to school that it was not probable. In our family morning prayers Nate asked that Spencer's numbers would be high enough to go to school. I was thinking "yeah right". Oh me of little faith. When I called in to get his numbers and he told me that his ANC was 2.0, I kept asking, are you sure that is from today's lab? He laughed after like the third time and said "yes, I am sure." I told Spence that his ANC had to be higher than 1.2 to go to school but since it was 1.0 there was no way. Well boy was I wrong. When we got to the school cute Miss Beck said "He is here?! He really is Superman." That is my Spence for you, always beating the odds, always strong! I thanked my wonderful husband for his faith this morning in his prayers. He said he honestly did not remember praying for that, and that it must have been inspired. Well I am thankful he is inspired! Spencer enjoyed a great half day at school only two days after a five day chemo!

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