Thursday, November 18, 2010

Waiting Room

Have you ever heard the term "burning in the bosom"? That is how I feel today as I sit here in the waiting room. Is this an overwhelming feeling of faith overcoming me? Maybe partially but I want you to know that I KNOW that these are your tangible prayers. It has brought me to tears. I can feel them, quite literally. It is amazing that even though I am sitting alone in a cold, sterile hospital room I can feel you, your faith, and your love surrounding me at this moment. Thank you for being with me. We were so lucky to be greeted with familiar faces here in imaging. Our favorite nurse from the Riverton happened to be working here at PCMC today. Shortly after we arrived an old friend from church, who moved away a few years ago and is also a nurse, stopped in to say hello. And shortly after she came in one of our favorite nurses, Starla, came to say hi. It has been a day of comfort and support. Thank you all. We love you so much and will keep you updated.


  1. we are praying and thinking of you! love you!

  2. I came back to check on you but not sure where you guts were going after the scan. We are anxious to hear how it went!