Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lucky Me

I know I blog often about friends but I am so blessed that I can never stop being grateful. I feel that I am the luckiest girl I know to be so rich in friends. In good friends. In loyal friends. Today I was able to visit with an old friend that I have not seen in probably ten years. We worked together when I first moved to Utah and have tried to keep some kind of contact throughout the years. Thankfully because of email and Facebook we have been able to keep in better connection with one another and today were able to reunite. She is a woman who has also faced challenges and sorrow in her life and has made the best of it. It was so fun to see her. I had close friends keeping me company online by chatting and then was able to visit with a new friend in the evening. It was so fun to have her visit to get to know her better. I am a lucky woman. Even later in the evening, maybe even early into the morning (I splurged on diet Dr. Pepper yesterday so sleep didn't come early) my wonderful cousin in California kept me company as we texted back and forth about a British chick flick I was watching. It is nice to always have company in some way or another. The previous night Gramma Cindy was able to stop in and our FABULOUS friends brought me dinner. Once again I say, how lucky I am to have so many people to love!
The next morning....
Temperature is totally down to normal and his ANC is back up to .700 (700). I am hoping that if he stays fever free (which I am confident of now that his ANC is rising) that he will be able to go sometime tomorrow, however, they may wait until Sunday to be extra cautious! Today is going to be a good day! I will be able to see Nate for a moment. All of the moments in passing have maybe added up to a full 15 minutes that I have seen him in the last couple of weeks. We are close to the end of these hospital stays and then maybe we can be almost normal again. I cannot wait!


  1. The wonders of modern medicine and the sweet comfort of a friend. Count one count two. Blessings at every turn. You are an amazing family and I know that the Lord is daily aware of where you are.

  2. It was more than wonderful to see and visit with you! You are one amazing lady and you are so strong!! I'm so happy that we have been able to re-connect in person after so many years. Thanks for just being YOU!!!! <3