Monday, November 8, 2010

Sad Face

"Mom (said in a sad, groggy voice) mom, I feel really miserable". I thought this was sad until a few minutes later he starts crying and I ask him what is wrong and he again replies "I just feel so miserable, and I miss Sammy". Sammy is his stuffed polar bear that he has had since he was 4. He was misplaced in the last hospital stay and I was not able to find him before this last trip. He is sobbing because he doesn't have him. So many things that I cannot do for him, things that I cannot control. Let's all pray tonight that Sammy will be found. He is just so sad. He told me that even the funniest commercial (random) wouldn't make him happy. That is how sad he is. He still has fevers and I am crossing my fingers that his counts will start coming up tomorrow and that his fever goes away. It has been five full days here. I want to go. I want to cuddle with Nate and my babes, at home.


  1. I will pray for Sammy and Spencer. It breaks my heart. I don't think I could deal with such heartache in a child. So sad. Spencer remember you are never alone, peace and comfort are only a prayer away. I love you and I wish I could give you some comfort...

  2. Did he find Sammy yet?? I pray he is doing well!