Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Immense Faith

Deep breath in. We fasted all day today in preparation for Spencer's scans tomorrow. As we were running some errands he says "I can't wait for my scans tomorrow to tell me that I don't have a tumor anymore". Deep breath holding. Wow. What am I supposed to say to that. Logic would say that I tell him "well honey that might not really happen" but my heart and my faith interrupts and tells me to listen to my sweet little boy so filled immense faith. Where is my immense faith? What makes him so different? I want so very badly to have this kind of faith. I wish I could say to him "I know, me too!" After dinner we were all sitting together on the sofa and I was telling Nate what Spence had said and he looked at Nate and said , "I know I am not going to have a tumor." Still holding breath. Nate asked him how he knew and he replied "I just have enough faith". I pray and beg that his faith is so strong and so pure to see these miracles. That he can one day teach others through these amazing miracles happening in his life. His MRI is early in the morning, and that will tell us the size of the tumor. We should have those results before we leave the hospital, and then maybe I can let this deep breath out.

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  1. I have the chills. Good luck tomorrow. I've been praying my guts out today.