Monday, November 15, 2010

Do Not Take For Granted...

I have SOOOO much cleaning and organizing to do today but I wanted to take a few minutes to write down some things on my mind. My biggest point today is not taking little things, and big things for granted. I got in the car today to take Isabelle to school and it made me so happy to do this little thing. I know sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life taking our kids to school and picking them up can be annoying and monotonous. Don't take it for granted. I love being able to see Belle get into school everyday and I love seeing her smiling face when I pick her up. This is a luxury I have not been able to enjoy much this year. Another "big thing" I have been thinking about a lot lately is my husband. DON'T TAKE YOUR HUSBANDS FOR GRANTED. Every marriage begins with hopes and dreams of lasting for eternity. It takes two people to make it last that long. My husband does so much for our family and so much for me that the little flaws don't matter anymore. We all have our flaws but I feel so lucky to be blessed with a husband who loves me and a beautiful family. Not everyone gets to enjoy these blessings in life. Another thing to not take for granted is the time you get to clean your house! Mine is now a disaster because I have not been there to clean it! I am excited to be able to have the time but also overwhelmed by all that I need to do! These were just a few things on my mind. I have a bunch of pictures to blog but sadly, my laptop has died, so I have not had the opportunity to upload pictures. I will try to work on that this week!


  1. I love your reminders. I need help sometimes to remember the things that matter and your posts always help me. I wanted to talk to you today at boot camp but I was ordered to start running so maybe next time!

  2. I think this is the biggest gift cancer gives. Knowing the absolute fragility of our life on the earth and that in a second, all could change, is life-changing. I still smile when I wash my hair or when I hug my kids or talk to my mom on the phone - knowing that i am so fortunate to have these experiences in my life when so many others no longer have them.
    cancer sucks.... BUT it teaches lessons that are priceless. hang on to them as you endure this journey.