Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lifted Up

Spence had been feeling kind of down all day yesterday and really needed some cheering up. Isabelle, Daddy and Gavin came to the hospital in the evening to help lift his spirits. Unfortunately, Gavin is not allowed on the until but I had a fun time with him out in the lobby, I think I may have needed to see him and the others almost as much as Spencer. I love the picture of Belle and Spence. It make my heart melt. Before all of this happened they were best friends. Of course, there was always some sibling rivalry going on but Isabelle just adored him and wanted to do all of the things he did. They would play and read and laugh together. I miss it so much. Isabelle looks truly happy in these pictures. Shortly after they arrived. Grandma Suzi, Grandpa OK, Logan and Raynee showed up! And then Grandma Cindy! What a night! It did so much good for my little guy. I didn't get any pictures but my FABULOUS friends Saunie and Katie showed up around 10 that evening for CHEESECAKE and conversation in the cafeteria. Grandma Cindy stayed with Spence while I had a little moment and laughed and talked with my friends. It was an enjoyable evening. It was definitely the lift we needed.


  1. What a great family you have! So sad we aren't closer to come visit more. We love you Spence and miss you! YOu are always in our prayers.

  2. Spencer is so loved! You have wonderful friends, cheesecake in the hospital... sweet!